La Tavoletta di Leonardo

Creative Direction and Interface Design

Application developed for tutor-led groups of Italian language beginners, for multi-user interaction around a multi-touch table. Designed to be playful, promote co-operative work and animate learners with timed activities.

These 360 interfaces pose extraordinary challenges from a design point of view and Brigitte has become a leading expert in developing software for this complex user interface. Her mind’s astonishing versatility has been repeatedly demonstrated in her innovative work on our multi-user, multi-touch table solutions.

Dr Richard Clay, Co-director Digital Humanities Hub, University of Birmingham

Project Info:

La Tavoletta di Leonardo

Creative direction and interface design for multi-user multi-touch language application for learning Italian (comprising 14 different interactive tests).
Clients & partners: Department of Modern Languages, University of Birmingham; Digital Humanities Hub, University of Birmingham.

  • Illustration
  • Interface Design
  • Multi-user Multi-touch